17 February 2009

Funking it Up

Right On
Funking it up on the roundabout and about to turn right.
Chopper Felix
Felix on his new [used] Raleigh Chopper. We cheated a bit... I didn't have the key to the lock and it's still a tad too big for him. But cool he is. Cool he is.
Freezing Fashion
If you feel less that Cycle Chic, you can still stop on the City Hall Square during the Copenhagen Fashion Week and watch the chicettes on the big screen.


Adrienne Johnson said...

Is Felix bugging you daily to ride his new bike? My youngest has one with crocodiles on it that he wants to get on all the time (it was his older brother's and he has hero worship!).

Colville-Andersen said...

felix bugged me for ages to get one just like it. New, they cost 3000 kroner.

my friends at baisikeli found this one at an auction so it cost 50 kroner... :-)

we ride it in the backyard and use his other bike on the bike lanes. he's looking forward to growing a few more centimetres so he can reach the pedals proper.

Gratistotal said...

ohhhhhh!!! snif snif, when i was a little girl i have one!!!

Anonymous said...

My nephew would go crazy for a chopper like that. I'll have to start looking for his birthday!

Adrienne Johnson said...

Somewhere out there there is a website where you can list all of the bikes you ever had- the author believes it is easier to remember your bikes than your girlfriends :)

My list-

1) Red Sears tricycle- stolen by drunk lady and rescued by my mother.

2) Yellow banana seat cruiser with separate foot break. I was too frightened to take my foot off the pedals to use it so I stopped by crashing into things!

3) Green and cream Schwinn (7 speed) given to me by a neighbor. I had to learn how to ride without training wheels to use it. Quite a feat as I lived at the bottom of two converging hills! Stolen out of storage locker- I still miss it :(

4) Sears 10 speed road bike. Heavy as hell and International Safety Orange. I don't remember where it came from. Left it on the street for someone when I got my...

5) 1988 Rockhopper MTB. Dark purple and oh so cool in it's day. I put dark blue panniers on it and rode it to college everyday. Still have it, now my son rides it to high school everyday.

6) 1989 Rockhopper Comp. Started out as my stepfather's. I have it now and it is my backup bike. No longer a MTB, and has a very long stem with riser bars, bright yellow fenders, a great big basket on the front. I rode this bike for many years before moving on, but this is still my favorite bike.

7) A fully suspended KHS MTB altered to be a very tough city commuter. I don't use it any more because of comfort issues. I keep it for my son in case his current bike gets stolen.

8) A Giant road bike. It just came to me and I don't like it so it is being sold to add to the cargo bike fund.

9) 2008 Batavus Soccorro. My new daily work horse that goes everywhere with me. We are a great pair.

Do you remember yours?

Anonymous said...

@Adrienne: listing all the bikes I ever had...impossible for me (and plenty of other Dutchies), no joke. So many stolen when I lived in Utrecht (around 30) and now Amsterdam (rough estimate is 45, at least), which meant I resorted to riding beater bikes (worth 25 euros and less). Listing the ones I was fond of, sure :).

@Mikael: I never owned a chopper bike as a kid, did have a few BMX's. Felix's dad knows what's kool :).

Colville-Andersen said...

I think it's wonderful, Adrienne, that you can remember all your bikes.

I can't. Not at all. I know my first bike was blue. It was a basic bmx'y kind of thing and I put on a banana seat, 'cause that was cool. It got nicked and I made my dad drive around the neighbourhood with me for ages and ages, looking for it.

On the way home I was sure I spotted it but he said enough is enough and kept driving. i live with that doubt to this day.

After that, no idea. I was on a racing team and had a Bianchi or two but can't remember anything else.

Until now. Velorbis Scrap Deluxe and Velorbis Long John.

Joel said...

Awesome bike Felix! Can't wait to see you cruising the "bike tracks" on it.

Adrienne Johnson said...

30 bikes stolen!!!! I thought you guys had the superior bike culture going on :) That is crazy! OK, list your 4 favorite bikes (not currently owned). If nothing else, it is fun to remember those time periods.

Colville-Andersen said...

Four favourite bikes? Not currently owned? Um... I'm on the spot.

That blue bike I wrote about before.

Then there was one particular racing bike, Bianchi, which was nice.

There was a ten-speed with only 5 working gears that i rode when I lived in Vancouver waaaaay back in the day.

Travelling in China back in 1990 and again in 1992 I had a black Chinese bike which was cool.

I think it's more the places I was in, or the good memories of the time that make those bikes stand out. More than the bikes themselves.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Isn't it just about always? That Schwinn was the first time i had a bike that was good enough to get me out of the neighborhood- freedom!! My purple Rockhopper was how I got to college after being stuck in highschool hell. A couple of friends would ride with me and we would talk all the way to school. It was, again, freedom.

It is never about the machine, it is always about how we feel on it.

Anonymous said...

In my twelwe years of living in Copenhagen I only had one bike nicked. And I park it everywhere. When I'm shopping, when I'm out clubbing, when I'm at work ...