3 February 2009

Friendly Bicycle Culture

I often meet people I know on the bike lanes in the morning but few are as dapper and dashing as Philippe.
Temperature: around freezing.
Une amie
And then there's Irina, a friend of mine I met on the bike lanes a while back. Even with 500,000 daily cyclists, you often see people you know. It's one of the lovelier aspects of our bicycle culture.
Here's two people hooking up in the winter rush hour.


Velorution said...

Are the people in the bottom picture waiting on the right-turning cycle lane or on the right-turning car lane?
If it is the latter case, is there a cycle lane straight ahead after the traffic light?
Why the two riders on the left are on their own?

Adrienne Johnson said...

I love the last picture (although Philippe is terribly attractive!). I enjoy seeing people meet unexpectedly out in the world- it feels hopeful.

Colville-Andersen said...

it makes commuting much more fun!

Colville-Andersen said...

all these riders are heading straight. at certain intersections with high bicycle volume [in this instance there are 25,000 bicycles a day] the bike lane merges with the right turn car lane.

on the other side of the intersection the separated bike lane resumes.

the two riders on the left are still in the lane. they're just hoping to get ahead of the crowd i suppose.

Anonymous said...

It's the thing I hate about being in a car - even when you're in a queue of traffic and everyone's in the same metaphorical boat together, it's almost impossible to share the moment or even just your frustrations with the people around you. You are alone.

. . . unlike Philippe - looks to me like he's pulled here! :-D

spiderleggreen said...

Yes, I hardly ever see someone I know while I'm driving, unless I recognize there car. On bikes people are much easier to recognize.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to hook up in a car. Reason 123,451 why bikes rule.

Unknown said...

Love saying hello to fellow cyclist - does anyone else give the nod of solidarity when grouped together with other cyclists at a set of traffice lights!

Anonymous said...

The below text is from an email I recently received from Robert F. Dorr robert.f.dorr@cox.net. If only he could visit a first world country and see those on bicycles obey the law.

"I don't believe you understand the extreme bitterness and resentment that I and many other automobile drivers feel toward those on bicycles. I have never seen a cylist obey the law, not once, not ever" - Robert F Dorr

Anonymous said...

@Pete: I always greet fellow cyclists. Everywhere, even and especially in the Netherlands where they sometimes looked back pretty confused. Amsterdam on the other hand was too much. I was so amazed and there were so many of them :-)
But I sometimes even greet car drivers standing at the traffic lights besides me. Why? I like human beings. And the reactions are often really funny. For some of them a world model is breaking down at that moment *g*.
I used to cycle to school for 5 or 6 years and always had company. Was a 8 km ride and after a few weeks I found out who else is riding and we always had nice chats on the ride ... the majority of the pupils going in the bus on the other hand sat back in their seats in silence mostly.
That's a quality of life issue! I love cycling because I love socializing and I love people!

Kiwehtin said...

Oh! I just recognised the harbour behind Philippe! You posted some lovely pictures of it a couple of months ago, either on this blog or on Copenhagenize...