15 February 2009

Dapper and Tiger

Busses and Bikes
A dapper chap riding in concerto with collective transport near the City Hall Square. Wearing that ol' evergreen, the sixpence [as we call it in Danish]. Aka flat cap.

Black Iron Heels
Great heels gracing the pedals of her cargo bike - a Sorte Jernhest [Black Iron Horse] - as she pedals past City Hall Square on the safe and separated bike lane.

One of our readers made it known to us that The Times was kind enough to select Copenhagen Cycle Chic as one of their Top 100 Blogs. We're in the 'Style' section on page three of the article. Here's a link to the front page. Are we chuffed? Damn straight.

Here's a little catch-up for the newbies:
Fashionista on Wheels * Interesting Things to Look At. * Classic Copenhagen * Cool Cycle Chica * La famiglia * Green Light Go * Wind Chill -20 Elegance on Wheels * Red at Red Light * Waiting * Against the Grain * Variation on a Kickstand * Prepare for Paris Cycle Chic

Here's a photo from earilier this week during the morning rush hour in sub-zeros temps and snowfall. Some of the 400,000 cyclists who continue to cycle throughout the winter in Copenhagen:
SnowFall RushHour


Anonymous said...

I spotted you in the Top 100 Blogs Worldwide list in the UK The Times newspaper (online version) ~ and I have to agree!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'd have to put you in my list of Top 1 Blogs :)

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, you two!

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

Congrats with the Times thing, Mikael!

Anonymous said...

May I request that you publish a book of photographs on Blurb.com by Christmas? I can't think of a better coffee table book!

Colville-Andersen said...

only if you buy my 2009 calender on lulu.com! :-)

why blurb? is it good?

Anonymous said...

Blurb is bookstore quality. Best online book service around imo. Especially for photographs.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, as I've got one of your pictures as my desktop background, you've got a deal!

Blurb's print-on-demand software is excellent, as is the software that you download onto your desktop to do all of your pre-publishing, its largely drag and drop and is easier than MS Word and frankly, its a photographer's dream - and you can decide how much profit you want.

Helene hit the nail on the head!

Colville-Andersen said...

cool. i've tried lulu.com and the profit choosing is the same. good quality. although a more user-friendly interface will be great.

Anonymous said...

hi. thanks to your blogs as well as some from the states, i am lucky to have a Sorte Jernhest in my garage tonight. i've got it on loan to test ride before I buy it. Got it from a shop called The Dutch Bike Co. out of Somerville, Ma right outside of Boston. (I'm on the other side of Boston- so they delivered it via pickup truck). They are a great shop and I am so happy to have found them. And so lucky to have this chance to try and possibly own one. I might e+ven start my own blog about my travels on it.

anyway- thanks. You've given me such inspiration and I strive to bring some chic bike culture to my SUV filled suburban town.

Colville-Andersen said...

cool vanessa!
send chic photos!