23 January 2009

Traffic Never Looked This Good

Traffic Never Looked This Good
As a boy I used to drive out to the airport with my dad to watch the planes land. Understandable enough. The mystery of flight, impressive machines. Watching trains go by is also an enjoyable activity. I'm not quite sure I've ever heard of anybody watching cars and trucks go by. In Copenhagen, however, the traffic is a non-stop symphony of movement. If you're not in the midst of it on your bicycle, you are actutely aware of it rolling steadily past. It really makes you feel as though you are one with the society in which you live. It certainly doesn't hurt that much of the traffic is frightfully stylish.
The simple traffic act of merging from one lane into another is elevated to another level of aestheticism.
And if flying is your thing, there are different ways to fly.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you have them in Denmark, but in the UK, there's a hobby called train spotting.

Trainspotters are usually obsessive men, who hang around at the ends of station platforms, taking down the numbers of the various trains that pass through, always looking for that rare loco that no-one else has seen. They write these down in little noteboks, and share details with other trainspotters, while nibbling spam sandwiches they've brought with them in plastic bags, or drinking tea from their thermos flasks. It is received wisdom that trainspotters only have the social skills to talk to other trainspotters.

I have never been a trainspotter, though at school, I did have a couple of friends who were bus spotters - an even more bizarre hobby!

I mention all this, because I worry about the effect of this excellent blog of yours. I think you're turning me into a bikespotter.


Marta said...


I'd like to see that! So funny.

To the authors of this blog:

I just discovered you and so glad I did. I shall be visiting often. I've written a post about you on my blog, as well. Spreading the word! Keep up the great photos! And I like the commentary you have with them, too. :-)

Colville-Andersen said...

trainspotters, sure. busspotters?! that's mad.

are you a bikespotter or a cyclistspotter, Karl?

Adrienne Johnson said...

A pretty girl on a bike spotter?

Anonymous said...

My pop used to take me to the annual hot-air balloon race. and i do still have a soft spot for little bitty airports.

love the black boots with red soles and red socks peeking out. Fabulous!