16 January 2009


If the city of Copenhagen ever gets around to erecting a statue in tribute of 'the cycling girl', it should look like this.

A fantastic statue celebrating the strong, proud history of bicycle culture can be found in Västerås, Sweden where 33% of the population ride each day.

Surveying Her Kingdom
We have a statue of the Danish 'cycling girl' in Copenhagen. Read more about her here. But I want to see one smack in the middle of city hall square.

Oh, and if my mate Lars gets to post shots of sunsets, gulls and water, then I do, too... :-)
Circling Birds


Gratistotal said...

ohhh!!! this statue is impossible in Spain!snif snif

Anonymous said...

They didn't get the hair color right.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Look out, people! We have harbor envy forming!

Colville-Andersen said...

it's a lake... lake lust.

Anonymous said...

That statue of all the bikes in a line is just great. I wonder if anyone's ever produced anything like that as a mass-produced fence panel . . . Heck - I'd buy it!

Adrienne Johnson said...

OMG! That is a freakin' GREAT idea, Karl! That would make a beautiful fence! Maybe even just a line of old 3-speeds (rescued from the canals) linked together and painted the same colour. Very cool.