8 January 2009

Icy Glorious Moments in the Sun

Light Pause
The sun broke through the clouds for a brilliant day-ending finale. Every cyclist crossing Queen Louise's Bridge glanced at least once towards the blinding light. Thousands of eyes drawn to it.

Then this girl stopped her bike. Pulled off the bike lane in mid-pedal. Just to lean on her handlebars and enjoy the sun for a long moment.
Winter Light Moment
And this chap went so far as to hop off his bicycle and watch the swans and gulls swirl ecstatically about in the dying Nordic light.
Winter Light
This girl went the whole nine yards. Opting to amble along The Lakes to absorb every ray of light she possibly could before the sun set.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen so many swans in one place! What a wonderful picture. The first one, too!

Colville-Andersen said...

the swan is a national symbol. made more so - or possibly because of - Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes the ever so lovely swans. They sure are beautiful but very mean spirited and aggressive. I was late for work the other day because a rogue swan was blocking traffic on the bicycle path and was hissing at everyone who tried to get past it :-)

Colville-Andersen said...

what a photo that would have made!

Anonymous said...

I love these photograph. because I like to seeing others people looking the view and joy the moment.

it makes me feel so peacefull..
thanks to shared this photo.


Peter said...

a great reason to avoid building tall buildings.