13 January 2009


Fiat Trattoria
The next best thing to stopping at the trattoria for a bite to eat is riding past on the separated bike lane, looking fabulous.

Although looking fabulous on a bicycle isn't really a stretch, as this overcast morning rush hour shot attests.


Anonymous said...

I like the first picture, you don't really know if it's a day with a very strong sun that just walks into the shops but is not reflected on that dark facade, or if it's the night with some kind of a strange lamp light.

Anonymous said...

The Blond woman in the middle appears to have a low rear tire.

Anonymous said...

In the bottom pic it looks like the majority of riders are on American style bikes (or rather, bikes popular here in America.. leaning forward while riding.. blick)

Hopefully the Copenhagen riders aren't buying into all of that forward leaning/speed nonsense. Good posture on a bike is crucial to pretentious chic-dom ;)

Colville-Andersen said...

Well spotted, Joanna... the sun was shining super bright that day.

anon: the blonde woman probably doesn't care very much. :-)

Colville-Andersen said...

one guy is leaning a bit... but there are many of these bikes we call City Bikes. not too much leaning but still not straightbacked.

Anonymous said...

As always this site is fantastic


Nice clip from Berlin

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, as we are used to it!

Cris Piera said...

once again, I love the first picture!

How can you take such good pics while people are moving fast?

You're too good! ;)

Greetings from Barcelona