8 January 2009

Cycling Chic In Winter

Vélib’ babe
Most of Central Europe has been in the grips of a cold snap this past week. Record low temperatures from Germany and Poland to Northern France and east to Italy as the mercury dropped to -20 to -30 in large swathes of the region. Here in Copenhagen we only got down to -10 but it still is chilly on a bicycle. Nevertheless, it doesn't deter the cyclists.

took this shot of a Parisienne on a Vélib' bicycle braving the unusual cold in style.

2008's Last Moves
My mate Marc from Amsterdamize.com has this great shot of Dutch chilly winter cycling with a smile.

Our friends at Lodz Cycle Chic in Poland have posted shots from the cold snap. The girl above effortlessly pedals through -17 degrees C.

This chap, while maybe not the peak of chic, gets Cycle Chic respect for cycling on a normal bike in his regular clothes at -20 below zero.

A cold snap is the best time to stop for lovely, warm Turkish take-away food to ride home with.

Let's do a little planet bouncing here and head over to Rhienna in Portland with this photo of her sister, Sara, and her bike in the unusual [for Portland] snow.

Jon, in Denver, sent us a link to his blog wherein he explains how he rides his bicycle as a gentleman, and dressed like one.

Imagine all those people who have been suckered into buying 'winter cycling clothes' when they have a closet filled with clothes right at home. Sheesh.


Lynn said...

I see the fur-lined ear-flap hat (aka "Mad Bomber" or "Elmer Fudd" hat) is popular everywhere this year. There were lots of them in Times Square (NYC) on New Year's Eve. Perfect for cold weather cycling! Yes, I'm obsessed with hats, though I don't own one of these. Yet.

my hyggelig said...

Surely I thought Minneapolis was THE coldest place on earth; I had to pull out the conversion chart to believe it - it IS cold where you are! Bikers in both parts of the world in this weather truly are an inspiration. (it is -13 C here as I type...)