5 January 2009

Cycle Chic Shanghai Ride with Elyse Sewell

A little video by a model named Elyse Sewell shot while riding around Shanghai. Cool street shots of the Chinese megacity. Music by Manu Chao.

China Dam 1990
Me in China back in 1990. I bought a cheap and cheerful Chinese bike and rode around. I couldn't be bothered to take it on the train so I sold it and bought a new one at the next stop. Back in 1990 the bicycle was still king in China. The car began to appear in great numbers in the mid-1990's and cycling declined sharply. Fortunately, Chinese cities were quick off the mark and are now trying to implement bicycle-friendly infrastructure in order to curb pollution and obesity.


Unknown said...

how did she record this video..
did she use her camera phone or what?

nice trip.
it looks she really enjoyed her trip,


Unknown said...

Awesome you went to China in 1990! You must have been one of the only Europeans there?
Awesome picture!

Anonymous said...

I was in China a few years ago and I bought a bike too. :) i was only there for 3 weeks so when I was done I gave it to a girl I met while I was there. :) I loved riding a bike there.

my hyggelig said...

Fitting video for your blog ~ everyone knows that Elyse was a Top Model contender during "cycle 1" - right?. I'm kind of a nerd for mentioning it, but it was the only good season of this show. Asia is treating her well and I am happy for her! What an exciting journey life has taken her on. Thanks for sharing. She must be a fan of yours...