18 January 2009

Australia [Cargo] Cycle Chic

A little montage of photos featuring the iconic Christiania Bike in Australia. It's so iconic that i dare say if a Dane spots one abroad, a sense of nostalgia and homesickness will ensue.

Photos courtesy of Annie from Christiania Bikes and Peter who has a brilliant little bike shop in Melbourne - PS Bikes. 33 Peel Street in Collingwood, to be precise.

If anyone is interested, be sure to join the Copenhagen Cycle Chic page on Facebook. And advocates of The Slow Bicycle Movement have a page on Facebook, too.


lavinka said...

Change logo? I think so. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice post! There's a small but active and growing of (everyday) cyclists in Australia. But the traffic there and the laws concerning maximum speed are far away from what you find in Europe and the attitude of drivers towards unmotored humans is terrible.
Australia is as far from being a bike friendly country and trend setter in cycling fashion as it is geographically from Holland and Denmark!

William said...

I live on Delmarva and in Maryland..eastern lower part. Its sometimes known as lower-slower in comparing to the Baltimore areas. Its reasonably safe to ride here but, thats depending upon the imbeciles that have been approved for licenses. Though roads are still built for cars alone. ITs Sad
In the budgets defense however infrastructure restructure would be costly and likely not possible even in a future sense.