24 December 2008

Train of Thought - Chic Christmas Transport

Danish Bicycle Culture *
The days up to christmas are the busiest travel days of the year as Copenhageners and other Danes make their way around the country for Yule. We celebrate christmas on the 24th, in the evening, like the rest of Europe. There are poor sods who use contraptions called cars but the rail network is a major transport option for many and trains are green and chic.

And why not take your bike with you on the train, if your destination is out of cycle reach? The Intercity trains have some steps to negotiate, but that's not a worry for even the chic'est traveller.
Train Station Bike Riding *
Upon arrival, just pedal away down the platform into the low, bright December light towards your final destination, where family, roast duck and dancing around the christmas tree await.
TrainBike Up
It's busy so you may have to stand up with your bike on shorter journeys and if you don't fancy queueing for the train station elevator, just pop your bike on the escalator.
Bike Meets Train. Falls in Love. Bike Seatbelt
The local trains are happy to carry your bike, too, whether in a bicycle rack on the bike compartment or using a bike seatbelt to keep your ride nice and stabile.
Bikes Allowed Tickets
You shouldn't have trouble finding the right compartment for bike transport although you may have to queue up for tickets. Not to worry. Christmas awaits at the end of the journey.
And you can dream about the presents you'll be getting as you roll across the landscape.

We'll take a little break for a few days over Yule. See you soon and have a lovely christmas.
With love, Copenhagen Cycle Chic.


2whls3spds said...

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Thank you for a year filled with Cycle Chic, I am looking forward to much more of it. Hopefully some on this side of the pond. ;-)


William said...

Merry Xmas to all and a Happy and Prosperous new Year

thanks to all for inspiration and motivation

Unknown said...

Lovely history and pictures, I wish, one day, facts like this, can be happen here.
Happy New Year for all.
ps. sorry for the english.

Justine said...

I think it's great that the trains will carry the bikes too. It's so hard to take your bike on a bus here and on a train you can forget about it!

Happy Holidays!

Greg said...

I just love the picture of the girl riding into the sun!