26 December 2008


Thelma and Paul
I have thought a while about what to say to about this shot, without coming to to any conclusions. So I will just let it speak for itself as a little Copenhagen Cycle Chic equivalent to a silent movie.


William said...

it reminds me somewhat of a previous post, the 90something year old man and his 50something yr. old bike.
image all the things they've shared, charished and experienced .... especially the love of one thing.

Anonymous said...

A tall bike and an Omafiets...timeless indeed. No substitute for comfort, either.

Colville-Andersen said...

that's just a run of the mill granny bike on the left and a Pedersen on the right, the famous Danish design.

Carl said...

Rather like time compression, the viewer feels like he's looking at fragments of many years in one picture...or maybe that's just the after effects of Christmas!
Hope you're enjoying the holiday Mikael:-)