18 December 2008

Szhirley - Cycle Chic Music Video

It's probably not everyday most of you get to hear Danish music. This video is by Szhirley and give it a listen. It's quite cool. It's called 'Gammel Kongevej', which is a street here in Copenhagen. Old King's Road, if you insist on a translation.

The main point of posting this is that there is some lovely cycle chicness where the singer rides along the safe, separated bike lanes looking as lovely as ever. Cycle Chic starts at about 2:35 into the video, but watch the whole thing. It really portrays a lovely mood in this city.


Anonymous said...

I forgot about Anna Ternheim of Sweden and her music video: To be Gone. This video is all cycle chic!

Denis said...

I would call it - cool pop! Great shots, sceneries, nice & simple music, cute girl & cycle chic .. If a video is made in Copenhagen it will definitely contain cycle chic :-) That`s for sure *_*

A friend of mine proposed to name any new suburban place of Copenhagen as - Cyclehagen :-) At least, it will be in accordance with historical truth :-) Mikael, will it be Cyklehagen in Danish or ..? :-)

Colville-Andersen said...

haha... translated into Danish that would be Cykelhavn, as Copenhagen is København. But that just means Bicycle Harbour. Not bad, I guess. But maybe Copencyclin' or Copenbiken :-)

Justine said...

really fun and beautiful video!

Denis said...

Cykelhavn (Bicycle Harbour) is really beautiful and appropriate! :-) It`s in accordance with the Danish historical truth, with modern chic influence and serves as a good cycle promotion to the rest of the world. Sure, one day it will be so! :-) Anything is possible! :-)
Mikael, do prepare to be the first Cykelhavn Mayor ;-)