8 December 2008

Silver Wheels and Frocks on Bikes

It's all the rage. Luxury brands are producing bicycles. The latest is out of Copenhagen, where the luxury design company Georg Jensen has teamed up with Sögreni Bicycles. It's called Wheels.

Georg Jensen (1866-1935) was a silversmith and sculptor who quickly made a name for himself with his jewelry, hollowware and cutlery. Even back in 1935, at the time of his death, he had shops in many cities around the world.

Now, of course, Georg Jensen is a modern company and their latest gimmick is a bicycle. Like Chanel, Gucci, Acme, Puma, Wood Wood before them.

The collaboration with Sögreni is not surprising. There are many design similarities. I have a post about Sögreni bikes and another one about Sögreni accessories over at Copenhagenize.com.

The bicycle is, like so many other luxury brands, a Limited Edition. While the bike's frame is brushed steel, it certainly signals visually and aesthetically Georg Jensen's trademark silverware. And silver? You can't have a Georg Jensen bike without SOME silver. Ding ding. It's the bike bell. Silver-plated in sterling silver.

The bicycle will sell for 28,000 kroner - which is €3750 - and will be available at Georg Jensen shops in the USA, Taiwan, Australia and Denmark.

Gimmick? Yep. Sleek, gorgeous Danish design? Yep. On my Christmas wish list? Nah. I'll stick with my bike. Accessible luxury.

Frocks on Bikes
From the other end of the planet, New Zealand, comes Frocks on Bikes. It's a movement aimed at "bringing about the momentum for better cycle routes in our city, and demonstrate that there is a groundswell of people wanting to ride. To lure SUV drivers to thinking that actually, bikes are a more sexy and fabulous way to get around."

Right down Copenhagen Cycle Chic street. See more photos on Flickr.


Anonymous said...

The Jensen´s frame is beautiful but
obviously 3750 EUR are still not enough money to add some brakes. This is a toy for dumb moneybags, nothing else. There are better Danish bikes for much less money. Like yours.

Kristoffer said...

*cough* coaster brake *cough*

Colville-Andersen said...

I know what you mean, otto. but as kristoffer said, there is a brake. a coaster brake.

Anonymous said...

Coaster brake. I´m impressed. I hope it´s at least gold-plated with some diamond inlays. And of course lubricated with some drops of unvaluable snake oil.

Anonymous said...

Nice bike and legitimately worth about twice than a similar production model; or about half what they're asking.

Don't let the person who assembled the photo model get anywhere near your own; and put some real handlebars on it.

Kristoffer said...

I got a chance to poke at it a bit at Copenhagen Airport today, I don't think I'd spend the 4K on it though:) The luggage rack seemed to be sort of under-dimensioned, but I guess enough to hold you platinum credit card.

William said...
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