12 December 2008

Portland Cycle Chic

Portland Cycle Chic. Photo: Vanessa Cass
Photo: Vanessa Cass
What a fantastic email I recieved this morning from Tricia in Portland.

Hi Copenhagen Cycle Chic,
Your blog has inspired me to get beyond my Sidi's and experience cycling in my growing collection of fabulous shoes. I love biking in heels- its so free spirited and sexy!

I hope you enjoy the attached photos. They are from our wedding which was on October 17th in Portland, OR. A friend popped in to the celebration with her bike, so I decided to take a spin. After all, what's a wedding without a bit of biking? Two of the pictures are of me on the bike (in my wedding dress) and one is of my husband and me.

Thank you again for the inspiration.

Portland Cycle Chic. Photo: Vanessa Cass
Photo: Vanessa Cass
I had to google Sidi's to find out that it is, apart from being a city in Northern Algeria, a brand of cycling shoes. :-) Thanks so much for sending us a brilliant flash of Cycle Chic from Portland, Tricia! Wonderful photos. People have been riding in heels long before cycling shoes were invented so we're pleased you love it!
Congratulations on your marriage - such a lovely couple!


brent said...

that is so hot

MELI. said...

aww! so adorable <3

Pinho Castro said...

I have a pair of Sidi, but don't have high heels... maybe next time!