4 December 2008

Nighty Night

Night Doubling
On the way home from football training, at a red light, a blur of doubling bikeness zips past.
Felix was catching snowflakes on his tongue outside our flat before we went in. I waited until the next cyclist rode past before shooting.

I couldn't see what the approaching cyclist looked like, it was too dark. Not surprising that the first bike going past is a big pinky one with a splendidly filled, flowery basket and a Copenhagener chatting on the mobile, wearing a skirt and stockings. It turned out to be a rather surrealistic shot.

More rare, statistically, is the shiny thing on her head. Not surprisingly, the majority of Copenhageners, when polled, say that they feel safe and secure in the traffic. Fortunately for the minority, they have the security blanket that is Cykelhjelm.org - or the English cousin at Cyclehelmets.org - to reassure them about cycling in one of the world's safest cycling nations. I'm currently researching a documentary about the concept of a Culture of Fear and "moral panic" - the latter phrase being used to describe 'a widespread, irrational scare brought about by a lack of scientific or general education among the public, intrinsic human biases in the assessment of risk, a lack of rational thinking, misinformation, and giving too much weight to rumour.'
It's all very interesting research. But I digress...

The next cyclist that rolled past through the snowflakes. There are no reports of how many snowflakes Felix ended up melting on his tongue.

In the comments of the previous post with night shots I mentioned that using the flash was for wimps... :-) but shooting snowflakes is one of the few exceptions to that rule. They light up like fairies and that's lovely.


my hyggelig said...

I am completely inspired. I have always thought you must have some amazing camera that I was sure I wished I had. Then I checked out your Flickr comment and see that you have the EXACT same camera I have. I've had this camera for most of the year and always feel like I could be taking better shots - I thought it was the camera, but apparently it is user error. ;) I'd love to see a post about some of your tricks and tips. Just when I think I have seen it all you post another new and amazing shot/angle/composition. I have the tools, I have the inspiration, now I just need to focus (no pun intended).

Truly fun shots! Thanks!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, sigrid. i subscribe to the famous PASB techique. Point and Shoot, Baby.

Do it often enough and you control the camera, not the other way around.

MELI. said...

felix is so cute!
lovely nights shots, very dreamy♥

cheers/ xo/ meli/

village mama said...

fantastic pics! something about them is so alive, 3D ish. awesome!!