18 December 2008

Brief Encounter With A Rare Guest

Five minutes of light #1
Direct sunlight has been v-e-r-y scarce here lately. I can not remember when we last had a day that even by our standards could be called sunny. But today as I was walking towards Queen Louises Bridge, I could see something that potentially could become a crack in the clouds.
And there it was, - The Sun. Brief was the visit, but the effect it had on the collective spirit on the bridge was evident.
Five minutes of light #2
Five minutes of light #3


Adrienne Johnson said...

you gotta give it up to a woman who rides a bike in leather pants! That takes some dedication (and some really good lotion to keep them from sticking! :O :) :P


The phower of the leather pant is such, that even in rain, their appeal can not be denied.

Unknown said...

Who needs sunshine when you have all those radiant young women riding around!

Badzil said...

Second picture is just fantastic. I adore her face expression.

Kiwehtin said...

I agree about the second picture. I can just feel what she is feeling myself, turning my face to the sun on an early spring day, soaking in the rays that have gone missing for so long over the winter months...

Kristin Tieche said...

These are some fantastic photos!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just Awesome Shots! I wish I could take shots this rich.

The stuff of that makes envious photographers of us all.

Lars - hats off.

- man

Lars Daniel Terkelsen said...

Thanks for kind words.

@man: Mostly it is about bringing your camera and just shoot. Of course there is a few technical aspects, but it is not rocket science. I am a beginner, but I take many pictures. A few of them are worthy of being called a photography :-)