4 November 2008

More Great Moments in Cycling

Pink Heels Turning
Copenhagener in pink heels is turning, using the unique Two-Finger Indicator.

The Boot
Copenhagener, by night, is waiting for a red light. Photo by Lars.

Moi, cycliste
Photographer/filmmaker snaps self-portrait in autumn sunlight and at speed.


Anonymous said...

Here in NY the one finger indicator is definitelythe most popular.

Colville-Andersen said...


Gratistotal said...

we use the two o three fingers indication, one finger means other thing

Mike, how is your brand proyect?

Anonymous said...

The 1 finger is huge in Boston also.

I find the pointing method works best for me.

steven said...

here in peterborough, ontario i always use the two finger indicator - it's more emphatic and leaves no doubt as to where i plan on going! it's harder to do when you've got winter mitts on!!