28 November 2008

The Cycle Chic 2009 Calendar

Cycle Chic Calender 2009
So I figured I'd whip up a Limited Edition Cycle Chic Calendar for 2009. A photographic extravaganza of our cycling life in Copenhagen. Month by month, season by season, you can follow Copenhageners in their endless, rythmic cycle of life.

You'll recognise the photos from the blog, of course, and they are all accompanied by the same kind of pseudo-poetic texts. Not to mention inclusion of selected important events in the life of the city. For example:
February 14 - Charlotte picks up her bike from the shop. New tyres.
March 25 - Mads flirts with Sofie on the bike lane at the red light by The Lakes.
September 8 - Anne-Marie skips classes to squeeze in one last day at the beach.

And so on.
Cycle Chic Calender 2009
The calender is available for online purchase from Lulu.com. It measures 34.29 cm x 48.25 cm, comes with coil binding and is printed on Gloss White paper (100# weight).

When you click over to Lulu.com you can see a preview of the pages and zoom in and out and stuff. Let it load, sometimes it's slow.

Oh, and I called it a Limited Edition because it only helps you keep track of dates for 12 months from Janauary 2009 to Decemeber 2009. Which, considering the fact that it's been 14 billion years since the Big Bang, is a rather limited amount of time.

Treat yourself, buy it as a Christmas present for someone you fancy or just shrug and not bother and keep visiting the blog each day. Whatever works for you.


Anonymous said...

Not to be picky, but the word is spelled "calendar".

Colville-Andersen said...

typo. damn. thanks for pointing it out.