10 October 2008

Splashes of Red [et un quebecois]

Autumnal rainbow in Copenhagen.
The all-important colour coordination.

Frightfully stylish Quebecois riding along the canal. Safe to say he is completely integrated into the Copenhagen scene with his choice of clothing. We had a coffee and a bite to eat and a long, wonderful chat about bicycle culture.


Gratistotal said...

oh!! the girls are superbe!! red is one of my favourite colour!

ManfredKZ said...

Wonderful composition of the first picture: the contrasts of colours (chosen by the lady) with the dark background and the fancy bike and its colour, great and classy picture!

Genuine Lustre said...

I'm a longtime reader of your lovely blog. Wondering if you could write a post that speaks to the tradeoff between riding your bike, and risking your life. I live in the Midwest US and the cars just fly down our country road.

Unknown said...

@mossback meadow: Risking your life? I'm not sure Zakkalicious here can tell you much about risking your life on a bike! He's in one of those sane places, you see... I kind of cheated while solving this problem: I used to mountain bike, so crossing downtown Montreal is probably safer than hurling myself down a mountain. ;-)

This site might have some info for you. On country roads, I usually don't have too much of a problem, even on roads with narrow shoulders (if any), as long as I'm visible. If you ride on a country road at dawn or dusk, make sure to have lights, and I'd probably stay away from riding at night.

@Zakkalicious: Glad to see a fellow countryman having fun in your fair city!