9 October 2008

Sleek, Black Autumn

The sleek look of the Copenhagen autumn. Black tights and leggings in boots are all the rage on the bike lanes of the Danish capital this year.
Autumn colour
The skirtguards of the city sigh a lonely sigh and resign themselves to waiting for the flowing, billowing skirts of the next distant summer. Although with a secret hope that the winter will be cold so that the cyclists will don long coats that require protection.
Bike needs repair though #2
And a broken chainguard is of little concern. It's just a bike. The most important thing is YOU on the bike.
Photos by Lars D. Terkelsen.

The Green Wave in Copenhagen from Copenhagenize on Vimeo.

Here's a cool little video I shot the other day. One of the main streets leading to the city centre features 35,000 cyclists each day. We have a Green Wave where if you cycle 20 km/h you'll hit green lights all the way. Have a look at the fantastic flow of bikes in the morning rush hour.

The music is Danish. The first track is a group called Ibens. The song is "Jeg savner min blå cykel" or I miss my blue, blue bicycle. An ode to the bicycle of childhood/youth. The second track is Tue West with "Sæt dig bag på min cykel" or Get up on the back of my bike... and enjoy it.


my hyggelig said...

beautiful! love that soft Autumn light. well done.
as a side note, the people navigating around the bike laying on the ground is an interesting experiment in human psychology. :)

what a nice calm way to start the day - thank you.

Colville-Andersen said...

it's a full time job picking up tipped over bikes... so you don't bother. :-)

Rob said...

WOW! Love those shots, great looking ladies looking beautiful on sweet bikes.

Randall said...

We *are* the Green Wave!

Colville-Andersen said...

uh oh... lawsuits....-)