11 October 2008

Shades of Gold

Golden colour on the gloriously car-free Nørrebrogade.
Feet and Wheels


A golden yellow mini-bike leading the pack.
In Concerto
This is how you watch a concert [lead singer wearing a golden dress] on the City Hall Square. On or beside your bike.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how they keep that wall free from graffiti. Impressive!
I like the orange bike, too. If I ever buy an additional bike it will have a frame like that.

Catarina said...

Never saw even a graffiti on that wall... (but I'm not here long enough to tell you for sure).
However I saw once two guys with painter suite taking off the graffiti from the tunnel under one of the bridge that cross the lakes. It had a sign "stop Copenhagen graffiti" or something like that.
But that orange/yellow wall is really something (: full of contrast.

Vi ses. C.

Anonymous said...

And there's this one, from Whitley Bay - just across the North Sea from sunny Autumnal Copenhagen: A lovely bicycle made for two.