15 October 2008


Night Lights
Each October, on the Friday before the kids' autumn holidays, Copenhagen features Culture Night - Kulturnat. It's a great evening where everything is open until midnight. Museums, castles, exhibitions, the parliament, you name it. Streets are closed off and Copenhageners walk or ride around from event to event. Needless to say, the bicycles reign supreme.
Friends on Culture Night
It's festive and lovely and all in the name of culture.


Gratistotal said...

ohhh, i think is similar than la nuit blanche in paris or la noche en blanco in madrid, maybe?

Witek Kopeć said...

Hi, Zakkaliciousness. Wonderful reality in Copenhagen! Greetings from Lodz, Poland: http://lodzcyclechic.blogspot.com/ Have I got your blessing?

Jonno! said...

Oh neat! We have something similar here in Oakland, CA. We call it Art Murmur, and it happens on the first friday of every month. All the local hipsters hop on their bikes, streaming in from around the bay area to head to the local art co-ops in d-town Oakland. Never ever do you see so many people (and bikers) downtown. It's quite a spectacle.

village mama said...

Neat night shots, the lighting makes the pics look 3D! Toronto celebrates too: Nuit Blanche.

chococat78 said...

I like the shots! I just wish I could see something like this in Texas ;)