20 October 2008

Eat, Cycle and be Merry

One of our dear readers, Village Mama, requested a Bicycle and Food series and I quickly discovered that I have a shocking absence of this theme in the archives. Not because it's not an important part of Copenhagen bike life, but merely because I haven't caught the shots. So above is me heading for a meeting and enjoying a pain au chocolat on the bike lanes.

Here's an apple munching cyclist.
Friends and Ice Cream
And ice cream counts, too, doesn't it?

Commuting With Coffee *
One thing the Copenhagen Cycle Chic archives are filled with is photos of Copenhageners transporting coffee, like this previously posted photo above.
Pregnant and Ice coffee
Or this pregnant Copenhagen sipping an ice coffee.
Business As Usual
Coffee holder on the handlebars.
Two girlfriends, both carrying coffee.

I'll be sure the keep an eye out for 'diner transportable', as they say in French. Eat 'n ride. Cykle og spise.


Pete said...

Is there anything out there that comes close to having a coffee cup holder for a bike? Always find it slightly tricky to stop/start with coffee in hand!

Rich said...

I enjoyed a crisp apple on a beautiful fall ride to work the other day, and it was about as perfect a moment as one could hope for.

Darksome Sea said...

Love this blog! :D

Anonymous said...

"Pete said:
Is there anything out there that comes close to having a coffee cup holder for a bike? Always find it slightly tricky to stop/start with coffee in hand!"


Zakkaliciousness said...

Until the Copenhagen Cycle Chic cup holder goes into production, most people here in copenhagen are starting to use a cup holder designed for prams.

Raquel said...

i dont like to eat when i am doing any other thing, i promote slow food.
i disagree, but the photos are so beautiful, as always

chococat78 said...

Awesome photos! I can't wait to get my bike ;O)

lagatta à montréal said...

I'm with raquel (except, perhaps, for fruit). Hate the trend to takeaway coffee - cafés are so wonderful. I'm for slow - food, cycling, cities. But the photos are lovely.

raquel, are you also on thoughtful dresser?

Zakkaliciousness said...

Oh I agree with the Slow Food sentiment, too. But I'm not talking about eating a plate of fettucine with organic sun-dried tomatoes and a frothy cream sauce - while sipping a cheeky, flirtacious Chianti - on my bike. It's a snack thing. An apple, a croissant, etc.

Raquel said...

oh, am i a thoughtful dresser? maybe

zack, your comment make me laugh! a plate of fetuccine!jajajajajajaja

Zakkaliciousness said...

even harder to eat a plate filled with small tapas... :-)

village mama said...

Thank you **so** much for gifting me with this fantastic foodie photo spread!

project manager :: web designer said...

well, ice cream is always good..on bikes, on walks, at baseball games, dripping down your arm...can't go wrong with that choice.