22 October 2008

Calmly, Stripey and Gorgeously Advertised

Calmly Waiting
No jockeying for position, not muscling their way ahead of other cyclists, no trackstand on the edge of the zebra crossing. Just two cyclists waiting calmly for a red light to change to green.
A spot of stripes in the autumn sun.

Over at Copenhagenize.com we've been discussing http://www.copenhagenize.com/2008/10/what-if-we-marketed-cycling-like-we.html.

Above is a recent advert for the French tyre company Hutchinson which is quite brilliant. Just two cyclists - one messengery type and one Cycle Chic Hero riding through New York City. Cool cool cool. This is the way to go to start branding cycling as effortless, enjoyable and liberating, not to mention a feasible and acceptable form of transport.

There is one flaw in the film, though. Hundreds of thousands of chic female cyclists in Europe know that when cycling in high heels you don't use the heel to pedal, for gods sake. You use the sole of the foot like with any other shoe. Sheesh.

But... because we're cheeky... we made a quick and dirty Copenhagen Cycle Chic Remix of the above advert wherein we feature just the Cycle Chic and sans sub-culture.

Hutchinson Tires Urban Video - Copenhagen Cycle Chic Remix from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.


Tapia said...

Someone should help this wombn find a lovely bicycle with a dropped top tube which makes it much nicer to ride in skirts and dresses:)

Anonymous said...

We'll keep the cycle chic girl, but you can have the bike messenger type. Try riding YOUR bike in New York, or crossing the street with this guy and his buddies speeding the wrong way down one way streets or blasting through intersections with or without a green light. It might look romantic with a high camera angle and slow motion, but it's not at ground level, and it doesn't help promote cycling culture here. In fact, it gives the anti-cycling crowd a fistful of ammunition that, unfortunately, often gets hurled at anyone on two wheels.