14 September 2008

Simplicity. Just Because.

Pure Class
All dressed up and everywhere to go. And you don't need a basket in order to decorate your bike. Just wrap some flowers around your handlebars.
No Reason
Or under your seat. No reason. Just because. It's the simple aesthetic pleasures that count.

Bike outside The Opera in Copenhagen.
Are you an elitist? My sister sent me this link to a piece by Mark Morford, whose writing I enjoy, has this at #15 on his list of 18 ways to know if you are an elitist:

15. You speak a foreign language. This implies you might understand something of the world, have an interest in a culture other than your own, or have perhaps even traveled to some exotic foreign land that isn't Texas or New Jersey or Hawaii, a place where they like weird cheeses and don't fear gay people and ride bicycles to the opera.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your fabulous, happy-making biking blog. I am Dutch and am happy (nearly) every single time I get in my bike. Because this is my primary form of transportation in the city (of Amsterdam) this is often. Lang leve de fiets!

And thank you for expressing the fact that bikes and high heels were MADE FOR EACHOTHER. TRUE LOVE!

Normal clothes, NO HELMETS, NO FUSS.

Some years ago I produced a project about the nexus of cycling, feminism and fashion. Very niche, but American feminist Susan B. Anthony said in 1898 that the bicycle was the most important thing that ever happened to the emancipation of women.


Great blog, keep up the fab writing and citing.


Debra Solomon

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog..and envious of you living in a place where you can cycle without taking your life in your hands every time you set out. I've loved using a bike as my main mode of transport in various parts of Europe..but in Scottish cities its just not fun ( sadly).

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks so much, debra! here's a post using the same quote

thanks, starry... your time will come. :-)