26 September 2008

Red Light People

Red Light People
Some Copenhageners at a red light recently. The chap in the middle could use a pair of heels by the looks of it. :-)
Steady as a rock and practicing the Copenhagen Straddle to perfection. As highlighted in the Red Light Posture Series.

Nothing to do with bicycles but this new advert for Diesel in celebration of their 30th birthday, is absolutely hilarious.


Mojarrison said...

Nice photos. Copenhagen' people looks so chic (maybe in iSPain, some day...).
The last link is NSFW, but funny everyway.
Power to the pedal people!

Anonymous said...

That Diesel ad is probably the funniest thing I've seen in a very long time - thanks for the link!

Rob said...


A new'ish US based cyclechic friendly clothes company for bike commuters. Safe and stylish. I"m thinking of ordering a few thinks off there on mmy next payday.

Some funny pictures too.

Carlos said...

Nice, nice photos & blog. I will come here every week.

village mama said...

The guy on tip toes sure looks like heels would save his day ;-) Your wit rocks!