5 September 2008

Motion Sensor & Friday Nightaliciousness

I rather enjoy these motion shots.
City Centre
Cycling is motion, after all.
Friday Night
It's Friday night. These two photos were taken a couple of Fridays ago at about 01:00, when the city really starts to wake up. The cafés close at two but from about midnight the migration from cafés to nightclubs takes place. Most of it by bike.
Friday Nights

The Guardian has a piece about how Cycling is Officially Chic, wherein Copenhagen Cycle Chic is referenced. But we all knew that already, now didn't we? It's a cool article. Have a read.

And have a lovely weekend.


MELI. said...

lovely! I love seeing night bike shots :) the feeling is universal -

Rhubarb and Venison said...

Love the photos! Since you're already familiar with Bill Cunningham in the NYTimes, maybe you've already seen this, but immediately thought of your blog and the growing US culture: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/08/30/fashion/20080830-street/index.html

Rhubarb and Venison said...

Umm, I meant US "bike" culture. "Growing US culture" is questionable...

ManfredKZ said...

Nice pictures, I enjoyed reading the article as well. It couldn't be otherwise: it's in Europe, secular and current centre of style and fashion, that a stylish (which over there largely means simply day-to-day) bike culture will develop. I hope that aesthetics, style, health and environment thinking might grow in North America.
I hoped this also for Brazil, where I come from: even in a dense, stinky, bus and car plugged city like Porto Alegre - although a wonderfully beautiful city -, bikes are reserved for week-end rides on racing or mountain bikes in the "parcão" (whatever parks a city may have): largely North American influence.
Greetings from Edmonton, Canada.

Anonymous said...

A tribute has been paid to your blog here: http://traveljapanblog.com/wordpress/2008/09/ode-to-copenhagen-cycle-chic/

Catarina said...

It's lovely to start recognizing the streets where you take photos.
And at night see all the cykel motion. Lights and Style.
Vi ses.

Anonymous said...

Manfred, if you don't feel like crossing the Atlantic, you will find many examples of chic cycle style in Montréal.

ManfredKZ said...

Yes, lagatta, there are exceptions. And even if it's not the Atlantic, I will cross the continent to visit Montreal one day :)
That city is largely influenced by continental Europe.
Thanks for your comment

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. Hey man you are changing the world two wheels at a time.

Anonymous said...

I am again blown away by these pictures.

A surprisingly nice city with an up and coming bicycle culture is Salt Lake City, Utah. The current mayor is pushing for radical changes which will include converting car lanes to bicycle lanes. The city just recently finished a new rail system and has one of the most used tram systems in the country.

There are some very positive things happening in SLC, If I can find a link I will post it.

More pictures of beautiful Danish women please.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for the comments, everyone!

and thanks for the tribute, chance! wonderful.

cool little podcast, beth. what a cool, gravelly New Yawk accent he has.