19 September 2008

Just Another Day in Copenhagen

High heels and handbag 2
Just another day in Copenhagen. Just another Copenhagen cyclist.
Thanks so much to Lars, a fellow Copenhagener, for these guest photos. His eye for streetstyle is great and we're hoping he'll keep on sending photos in.

Practical with a certain style
Purple is hot this autumn. It's official.


Daniel M. Perez said...

(On the first pic)
That is a wicked-looking bike.

Kristin Tieche said...

I saw a lot of purple in Paris a couple weeks ago! Agreed, purple is the new black (and also my favorite color)!

Anonymous said...

Agree, looks like something OCC might put together. A chopped bicycle

Anonymous said...

the first pic. is a MTV host. I have seen her ride her bike q: