13 September 2008

Flying Dane, Cargo Bike Training and Awards Not Won

Flying Heels
Flying Cycle Chic in Heels along the City Hall Square on an Autumn Day.

Cargo Bike Training
The school which my son attends have an armada of bikes in all different styles for the kids to play on. Here's two kids practicing that all important "Cargo Bike Training" for when they get bigger and have kids of their own to move around.

Just like grown-up Copenhageners.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize.com were, surprisingly, nominated for the Copenhagen Environment Award 2008. One of our readers in Copenhagen surprised us by sending in a nomination. Thanks, Claus! We didn't win - a small environmental intiative called Vestergror did, but the jury had only nice things to say. They wished they could have seen stats about whether or not the blogs have encouraged more people to ride their bikes in urban settings.

So, here's a poll, so we can win the facker next year:


Klaus Mohn said...

it's also kinda made m want to spend money and CO2 on plane tickets to Köpenhamn, so, y'know. Not all that green :D

Anonymous said...

Nicolas, who said you had to FLY there?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and try to spred it like a virus. I'm from the US and 1) enjoy your photos and 2) your writings have provoked a lot of thought for me personally. I ride road, MTB and commute but love the simplicity and normality cycles have in your city. I've even been able to get my 10 year old daughter to commute with me - in the city of Atlanta no less!
Keep up the good work.

Wilma Flanagan said...

Why do you say it's Autumn? It's still Summer for another week or so, isn't it? Anyway, love that picture and the yellow bike!

Gladis said...

I'm a part time bike commuter in urban central FL, and I think the photos you post are just beautiful. It's a great reminder that this best choice in transportation is also chic ;-)

I just wish I could transport my children (ages 3 and 6) the way it's done in Copenhagen, but the bike lanes here are few (for now!!).

In fact, I linked back to you on my blog, because I love your's so much!

Colville-Andersen said...

- a slow boat to copenhagen!

- thanks stinkydub!

- autumn begins in september here, wilma. it's not a scientific seasonal description, but people make the switch in sept.

- thanks so much gladis!

Anonymous said...

Hello !

Passing by, and wanted to say I love your blog and the photos; I have never been in Dk, but have been in NL and see how it is when people are riding bikes a lot a lot a loooot (not like in France).

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks so much! although paris is well on its way.

Anonymous said...

As a daily cyclist, your blog hasn't promoted an increase in my cycling at all- there was no room for improvement! ;-)

However, it has occasionally provided the necessary tincture of encouragement when the spirits were flagging ever so slightly; comfort in the knowledge that there are invisible bonds (or is that 'a series of tubes'? :D)connecting we 'normal' cyclists across the globe.

I suppose I'm saying that 'cycle more' is only one way of measuring the success of your endeavours.

Colville-Andersen said...

wonderful to hear, robert. invisible gear cables linking the planet... i like that.

Marília de Dirceu said...

I don´t speak English so very weel like these blog readers, but, i´m really envolved with EcoPreservation... I live in Brasil, Amazonas, and have bought my bike recently. It´s very much amazing and it´s your blame(?)! Thank´s... Keep on...

Colville-Andersen said...

Marilia! Wow. Thanks so much for your comment! We're so pleased that we are to blame for your purchase of a bicycle!

Carlos B said...

Ha, I voted yes even though I live in Finland. This blog somehow defines what I've always liked about cycling: the fun you can have while not spending a (proverbial) dime. Well, thanks to you in part, I did spend 90 euros on a refurbished, gentlemanly bike from the 70s. A fantastic machine.