12 September 2008

Calmly Calmly

Calmly Calmly
Waiting for the light to change along the one of the busiest streets in the nation need not be a stressful affair.
Slowly Slowly
The golden light of a late-autumn evening shines on this couple who walked slowly along outside my flat. She didn't need to pedal, he just pulled her along as they spoke in a quiet, intimate tone.

Melt 1 Weld 118
We added a few more t-shirt designs for gentlemen and ladies to our online shop. The idea above is that if you melt a car, you'll have enough metal to weld 118 bicycles. Frightfully unscientific but fun all the same.
I Like Bike Like Me More Bicycles


Anonymous said...

I like the "More Bicycles" one.

Might just have to get that one some time. When I don't feel the need to spend my extra money on my bike.

Crap...you'll never get shirt money from me.

Anonymous said...

Love the blond biking in boots.

Great pictures.

this blog is like a nice cup of coffee in the morning, very relaxing.

Gratistotal said...

i didnt know that! so many bikes for so many stylist girls in Copenhaguen!

WestfieldWanderer said...

This is gonna bankrupt me!

Ho hum!

Here goes yet another order to CafePress...

Colville-Andersen said...

westfield, i'll get the beers in next time i'm visiting family in Swindon - me ol' mum's home town - and pop down the road to visit you.

Anonymous said...

I bought the framed poster ("Our Cycling Legends Dress Differently from Your Cycling Legends"). Fantastic ! I'm in the US, and people I work with love it.

Mojarrison said...

Maths doesn't lie!
Great job on the blog, people who loves bikes talking about bikes.
Some pals are trying to organizate a Interplanetary Critical Mass in Madrid, from April/30 to May/3 next year.
For more info (spanish):

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for all the comments!
tony: buy your bike something nice. we'll be happy if you do. :-)

cool jen! take a photo of it where it hangs and email it to me!

thanks, mojarrison!