17 September 2008

Autumn Light, Luggage and Bespoke Accessories

Copenhagen Supermum relaxes in the autumn sunshine in her Christiania cargo bike at the playground, watching the kids play.
A bit of street motion. Two girlfriends chatting away in the dreamy autumn light.
Lug Luggage
He's either just arrived home or he's leaving someone.

Sögreni Bicycle Light
Bicycle Light by Søren Sögreni.
Sögreni Bicycle Rack
Bicycle Rack by Søren Sögreni.
Sögreni Bicycle Bell02
Bicycle Bell by Søren Sögreni.
Our aversion to bike 'gear' does not extend to bespoke bicycle accessories in the proud tradition of Danish Design. Over at Copenhagenize.com we have a post about the design wizardry of the legendary Søren Sögreni, wherein we place focus on his beautiful bicycle accessories, like the ones above.


Anonymous said...

Please allow me to comment a variation on an old saw, that "beauty" truly does lie in the eye of the beholder.

To this eye, that rack while perhaps a graceful bike fashion accessory does not appear to be very practical. Any carried object placed-on and strapped-to the curved upper surface will tend to rock.

Might be very well suited as part of a bike-as-art display used for draping scarves or capes etc.in a clothing botique front window.
ol alf in Davenport

Anonymous said...

I just think it's ugly. Same with the other assesories. Sorry.

Colville-Andersen said...

to each his own, no problem there.

but while it may not appear to be practical, it surely is. and it's been serving the cumbersome, bulky bags/groceries of copenhageners for two decades.

Anonymous said...

Zak, you said, "but while it may not appear to be practical, it surely is. and it's been serving the cumbersome, bulky bags/groceries of copenhageners for two decades."

Do you mean "racks" in general or that particular _curved_ rack? And if you mean the curved rack has been serving well for a couple decades, I sure haven't seen evidence of that in viewing your blog daily for nearly a year. Certainly I would have noticed a curved rack in your photos since, despite my delight in pretending that I read CCC just for the girlie pics, I do pay serious attention to the bikes.

RH said...

just love the first photos. really relaxing...


Anonymous said...

Overpriced junk being sold under the guise of fashion. Form without function is worthless, most certainly on something that is supposed to be transportation.

Those chainguards work... mostly, a good portion of the time, kinda, as long as there's no wind, and you're not moving and only cost 10 times the price of a typical chainguard. What a deal. A thing of beauty, especially since it will leave beautiful modern art grease stains on your clothing. Pffft. Let's see some lowly $10 hockeystick style chainguard or chaincase do that.

village mama said...

Supermum pic is fantastic! It's fashion meets architecture meets cycle chic.

I don't comment often, but I check in a lot. Your blog's more than a lbog, it's fantastic/inspiring/fun/fulfills my wanderlust and my unsatiable craving for grade A bike porn. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I chuckle every time a snide & bitchy comment is yet again posted by an 'ano'. Come on, fellas, be bold. You can still rant, but at least show your face. Who gave you ever the idea you can't argue on this blog? Oh, that's right, the whiny rant/argument is lost when people start pointing out that you left out one important bit:

"And if you look at these accessories through 'bicycle gear glasses', they may not make sense. Looking at them as aesthetic additions to the bicycle, however, they fall into place in the grand scheme of things. Let's demystify the bicycle, but let's keep on making it gorgeous. Nothing wrong with that."

Come on, loosen up, you're cyclists, not air headed car maniacs. Are ya?


Anonymous said...

Ps. Not you, Alf.

Colville-Andersen said...

what an interesting difference in the comments here, compared to the other post over at copenhagenize.com