9 September 2008

Art and Things

Janet Karam Funkytown Art
We've been looking forward to the next piece from our favourite artist, Janet Karam. This time she interpreted our most iconic photo:
Fashionista on Wheels *
Thanks again, Janet!

Overtaking Off the Light
Overtaking off the light.
Coasting towards the light.
Summer Suit
Copenhagen summer cycle wear.


ManfredKZ said...

I like the piece of art, well done! It's a nice tribute to your blog and Copenhagen soul. Great photos here again. Greetings from Edmonton, AB.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zak-

Re: Fourth Shot: Coasting towards the light.
Just curious; what is she wearing? Leggings or tights?

- man

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, manfred!

um... tights. it's very trendy at the moment wearing tights like that under a dress or shorts.

Janet Karam said...

Michael- My thanks to you for allowing me to use this photo and including my art on your pages. It's nice to read such lovely comments!


Anonymous said...

That is a very cool picture.

Anonymous said...

Love a nice big wallpaper of the original photo :) paaaaaleeeeeze :-D