29 September 2008


Oh So Chic
A definite candidate for the Copenhagen Cycle Chic All-Star Team. Smashing ensemble with shiny tights, heels, funky pink mini bike and partisan scarf.

I love this bike lane along one of the canals.


Anonymous said...

Yes, great look, but only for the very young and very slim. At my boomerish age, a skirt over the leggings is de rigueur. But it is cool and grey today, so I can get out my red béret, speaking of partisan! Not quite cool enough for the matching gloves.

Jonno! said...

I like the puffy dreads on the first pic too, we see a lot of that around SF, but not so much on skinny hipster looking girls. Mostly the hippy chicks around Golden Gate Park. It's a great look though, especially with well kept hair, not those nappy drippy dreads you see so much more frequently.

Klaus Mohn said...

take 3 bras, pay for 2!
not so hot about those tights (AmAp is making them ubuquitous in Paris) or the glasses, but there's definitely an allure.

Anonymous said...

...she looks like an Olsen twin in a kaffiyeh and shiny (possibly spandex) harem pants.

Or possibly I simply cannot locate the skirt?

Anonymous said...

what happened to your comment in this post early today regarding
what cycle chic is suppose to look like, and if not then your city didn't have a bike culture

Colville-Andersen said...

When do we get to see photos of our favourite montrealer avec velo? :-)

fortunately we don't have AmAp here, nicolas. Although I miss the ads... :-)

anon1: no skirt.

anon2: nothing has been removed. but you can see my gentle teasing at the photo at flickr. click on it. it's so amusing to see how it humour and irony irritates people like RidingPretty. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think I prefer that 1970s pink folding bike over the girl.