19 August 2008

Things To Do At Traffic Lights in Copenhagen

Basket Check
Rummage in basket.
Pause for Thought
Pause for thought.
Things To Do at a Red Light
Adjust pony tail.
Adjust scarf.
Copenhagen Rain
Stay dry.


Anonymous said...

In Canada, one prepares for the onslaught of vehicular traffic.... perhaps adjusting their helmet or maybe the body armor.

Very nice photos.... I want to be there - NOW

Anonymous said...

You folks are always coming up with an original and interesting theme for the ordinary.

It's worth checking out every day.

Anonymous said...

Why don't the Danes ever say "hi" to each other at the traffic lights? There never seems to be any kind of vocal communication between strangers in Denmark unless there has to be. Why is that?

Tanya said...

Love this site!! Does anyone know what kind of bike the 'adjust ponytail lady' is riding - I want one!

Anonymous said...

lfaber, depends where you are (and I won't get into Québec vs Canada constitutional issues on this blog) - here in Montréal, while the helmeted lycra-lout type does exist, there are countless examples of cyclists, women and men, young, old and in-between, every bit as chic as the Copenhagen residents Mikael features, or the Amsterdamers on Amsterdamize.

That because, after decades of pressure by cyclists - yes, including chic cyclists - there is a real (if far from complete) effort to eliminate hazards at the source, making body armour superfluous.

Gratistotal said...

will you have the pleasure to give a bike in your blog anniversary???

shanna said...

I love the Stay Dry shot! Perfect combo between the yellow of the bus an the blue sweater and dotted 'brella. Nicely done per usual :)

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, everyone!

al: i don't get the question. do you say to everybody you pass when walking down the street? do you honk and wave at other motorists at the red light?

thought not. how and why would i talk to people at a red light? i'd never get to work if i rode around waving, chatting and greeting thousands of cyclists every day. :-)

Danes, like the other Scandinavians, are reserved. It's a cultural thing. nothing wrong with cultural differences.

Colville-Andersen said...

Raquel... i missed our own anniversary. Maybe for the 2nd year anniversary... .-)