4 August 2008

Morning Traffic

South Harbour Morning
Heading out of the city last Friday, on my way to Swedish Summer House, it was lovely to see the morning traffic. A smooth, aesthetic flow of human powered goodness.
South Harbour Morning

South Harbour Morning



Raquel said...

i love yellow colour for a bike, it is like an ecological taxi!
on the other hand, when do you go on holiday??

Zakkaliciousness said...

thank, raquel. we get 5-6 weeks of holidays a year in denmark. so you get to choose when you go.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing, if I tried head out of my town on a bicycle I would be lucky if I survived one block with all the auto & truck traffic (not to mention pollution)

I am in total awe of the lifestyle where you are!

Us spoiled Americans could learn a lesson or two from the culture alone.

jennifer said...

LOVE the lemon meringue bike up top with the matching frame and wheel rims. Any idea on the brand?

Zakkaliciousness said...

Thanks arlenestarr!

Jen: Nirve. American brand, surprisingly!