28 August 2008

Felix Cycle Chic

Going To Football
The Boy Wonder and I heading to weekly football practice. Often we both ride our bikes, but now A. He just started a new, exhausting life in school and is more cream-crackered [knackered] than usual and B. Daddy's got a new Long John from Velorbis with a box the Boy Wonder helped build.

So he relaxes with a book [The Billy Goats' Gruff]as we zip along to Frederiksberg Boldklub where Daddy morphs into a merciless Coach for 11 bundles of boy energy. Football shirts are hardly chic anywhere on the planet except for at a football stadium, but when it's your own six year old, he's adorable.

The other day Boy Wonder and I went to buy some wood to make a new desk for his bedroom. Long John came along.
Long John Left Long John Right
The Long John with the new cargo box with the kids' names on the sides.


Anonymous said...

fantastic photos!

the blue penny said...

gorgeous.both boy and bike.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks so much!

Rich said...

I actually saw a real, live Long John with a wooden cargo box full of kids here in Fort Collins, Colorado the other day. Unfortunately, it was a one-off sale on eBay, not somebody selling them regularly. But they sure look useful, even more than an Xtracycle.

Colville-Andersen said...

they are really wonderful. considering the fact that the design is virtually unchanged since the first world war, it must be good!