27 August 2008

Cycle Chic Roundup

Facehunter in Copenhagen
It's not surprising that when Facehunter ended up in Copenhagen, a photo of a bicycle was involved. And of course it was taken with The Lakes in the background. Quintessential CPH.

Even the dreadfully dull Times has tried their hand at men/fashion/bicycle. Yet another journalist reluctantly forced by his editor to cover this strange phenomenon called "bicycling". At least he tried his best.

Acne and Bianchi
ACNE of Sweden have teamed up with Bianchi for a new collection, according to Swedish ELLE. I suspect a healthy dose of dark, vodka-induced Swedish irony is in play here. Combined with a biting bitterness at the Swedes' worst Olympic performance in over 2000 years.

Meanwhile, back in Gotham City...
New York cyclist by Bill Cunningham
A New Yorker shows us the way forward in one of Bill Cunningham's photos.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be pedantic
Gotham is based on Chicago
Metropolis is NY.

bologna in fissa said...

fixed gorgeous "bianchi pista" mamma mia...nice blog

Klaus Mohn said...

The Bill Cunningham pic is the best in this post, by far; it's the only one that reflects a Copenhagenized world. The Times article is dreadful, seems to think it invented the idea of SoS cycling (without the cool name).
And then that ACNE collection... meh. Nobody needs to have so-called "bike shorts" reinterpreted. And I fail to see how a Bianchi fixie has anything to do with a "tjejkoncept" :) that's spandex-man think!

My, so many negative things to say in a first comment on this outstanding blog. I'm sure the readers (and the author!) are on the sme wavelength though :D

to Anonymous: you've got your conventional comic-book-city thinking the wrong way around, even though the latest Batman movie was set in a Chicago-based Gotham. Regardless, "Gotham [is] a nickname for New York City, first used by Washington Irving in 1807 in his satirical periodical 'Salmagundi'", sayeh Wikipedia.

MELI. said...

I love him! and I love his series earlier this year. Did you see the front image for his slideshow, last week 'on the street'? just lovely, I did a little post about it


Anonymous said...

I'm a native New Yorker, born right in the middle of Gotham City. Never mind Wikipedia; you can confirm Gotham = NYC from any dictionary or encyclopedia. I thought the first photo was the best. "Helping hand" indeed: she has covered her head with a scarf, but barely has a grip on those slipping pants. Not very chic.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for the etymology backup!

indeed nicolas. we agree.