9 July 2008

Tasting Our Own Medicine

Last week, I was out shooting for this blog when I suddenly noticed a cool guy rushing past on a splendid bike. I hurried to get a pic of him and then it struck me - I recognized him! You might too... Now normally he's the one spotting others and blogging about it, but I got away with taking a pic of Mr Meta Dapper himself without being noticed.

Meta Dapper

Meta Dame
As for me, this is how I look on my bike, camera in hand.


Susanne said...

That man is ZakkaliciousDelicious!

Unknown said...

Sure is, la stylista! Well spotted...


Somanìa said...

Stylista and velomama is the same woman? Zakk is back? ja ja saludos familia! always taking a look to your photos!
Josè Marìa de La Patagonia

Colville-Andersen said...

la stylista is wifealiciousness and velomama is marie.
and i'm back!