5 July 2008

Shopping and Groceries

Heading home from shopping and supermarket in style.
And beer has to get home somehow, too.


Gratistotal said...

its the best way to go shopping!

Anonymous said...

What do people with large families do? Do they make daily visits to the store or do they have huge baskets?

dianasfaria.com said...

I love how there are so many bikes in the background of the second photo. So it seems like everyone is biking there all of the time.

my hyggelig said...

Just yesterday we saw a big billboard on the interstate for one of the larger bike stores in the metropolitan area that had a woman biking with her groceries - a huge statement for a US bike store to make. Usually this same store would have billboards with action shots of people mountain biking. Times, they are a changing... Expensive gas isn't necessarily a bad thing. :)

Unknown said...

'raquel', I agree!

'anonymous': Actually, cyclists shop more often than motorists do, as we've discussed before on the Copenhagenize blog. If you need to shop lots of stuff, a cargo bike or trailer can also be helpful. Baskets and bicycle racks make it for most people, though.

lily, they are!

That sounds great, sigrid. If you pass by the poster again, take a photo and send it to us!


my hyggelig said...

Marie - It took me awhile after your Shopping and Groceries post to get the picture, and then it took me awhile to post about it - but finally, here you go: