27 July 2008

Galla Bella

Galla Bella
A summer weekend. Late afternoon. Ahead of me a Copenhagener in a fantastic red, satin dress, complete with heels. Dressed to the nines. Cycling down the bike lanes, heading off to a lovely summer party under a Nordic sky that never quites gets dark before the sun rises once again.


Ally said...

Absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

Great image, as usual! Not being familiar with CPH in summer (visited last March...) but looking at her shadow, looks more like a near-noon photo, unless the sun behaves differently than I'm used to..

my hyggelig said...

Just thought I would let you know you are in our local paper. Not sure of the context since I do not subscribe, and not to take any credit - but I saw someone from their domain was on my site... regardless, congrats - it's spreading!

link here:

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks, everyone!
anon: the photo was taken in the afternoon, about 16:00. The sun sets here at 22:00 in the high summer.

sigrid: thanks for the link! cool mention for us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info - I'll need to brush up on my geo-sciences. I'm in Singapore right now (not too much cycling in high heels here!) where sunrise/sunset is about 7am/pm, but hail from the NW of the US, where we are losing our lovely long evenings.