23 July 2008

Calling All Copenhageners

Minor Adjustments
Red light adjustments. A mobile, an ipod, lipstick... we'll never know. What is certain is that she certainly isn't in a hurry. Style over speed indeed.

I've been asked to make a video about Copenhagen bike culture - a kind of promotional music video. I'm starting shooting soon and will continue through August. Many of the shots will be in the style of the blog - just motion pictures instead of stills. However, I would like to round up various Copenhageners for a kind of casual casting.

I need all sorts. Chic cyclists, of course, but also older cyclists, families with kids in the cargo bay, men in suits, quirky bikes, funky people, you name it. If selected, all we do is go for a bike ride and I'll film. It'll be fun. No money in it, though. :-)

If you're interested, drop me a line. I'll tell you more about it on mail. Og på dansk, hvis du vil. Please write 'Cycle Chic Film' in the subject line. Thanks!

L.A. Bike Block Party

BFF Block Party LA 2008 from rossangeles on Vimeo.
Ross sent us this cool film he made from a recent event in L.A.. It's def a cool video with cool people doing cool things on bikes.


Anonymous said...

i wish the states was like this!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful LA video! We have a group of kids in town that are pure acrobats on their fixed geared bikes, and so much fun to hang around. It's an awesome subculture.
Was that Luke Wilson in there?

Anonymous said...

I had to switch off that video after 30 seconds.

Crustie couriers (in US English that's crust-punk messengers) do nothing for the greater good of cycling.

Put them in the circus where they belong.


I've no doubt the Copenhagen video will show how it *should* be done. ;)