17 July 2008

Bike Lane People

Heels Shadows


Gusty Smiles

Hej, I'm stopping


ManfredKZ said...

I wish Edmonton had more bike lanes in the normal streets.
Good captures!

Catarina said...


I was wondering if you could give me some tips about cycler in Copenhagen.
I'm leaving Portugal and I'm moving to Copenhagen next month (a 2-year stay).
What you think I should do with my bike?
Should I bring it with me or should I try to find another in Copenhagen?
How much does a city bike usually costs?

Mange Tak

MELI. said...

those red boots in the 2nd pic!
I love it.
I have tremendous affinity with red boots :)

Anonymous said...

Hej Catarina and welcome to København, when you get there. Should you bring your bicycle from Portugal or buy one in Copenhagen? Depends on the character of the relationship you have with your bike, but YOU DON'T HAVE TO bring sand to Sahara and/or bicycles to Copenhagen.

You can find a nice used bicycle for less than the transportation would cost - if you want to. On www.dba.dk you can see what the prices are like. Search for "damecykel". 1 euro = 7,5 DKK. You will probably find, that the cheapest bikes there are TOO cheap for you.

Some of those really cheap bikes are sold as "stationscykler". It is a sad situation for an old bicycle to end up as a "stationscykel". Most of the time it will just stand there in the rack at a train station in all kinds of weather and doing its only trick: looking so old and worthless that nobody wants to steal it. Then some mornings, its owner will get off the train and ride it the same boring kilometer from the boring station to his boring office, and then back again in the afternoon, and its owner will leave it there and take the train back to his nice and cosy home and his Velorbis... What a world.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for a good answer, nils. Catarina... you can also lease a bike from Baisikeli for about 200 kroner a month. They lease to students. A new bike will cost you about 3000 kroner on average for a good quality bike.