25 June 2008

Traffic Calming and Other Wednesdayish Things

Traffic Regulator
In Copenhagen we have a unique traffic calming system. Traffic lights are sooo last century. Instead, we send carefully selected Copenhageners into intersections with red boots on. Within seconds, the traffic stops, both motorised as well and bicycle and pedestrian. Men and women alike. For those sweet few moments, the city is safe and even more aesthetically-pleasing. Works like a charm.
Yet another brilliant application of the bicycle in the Copenhagen urban landscape. Selling fresh fruit on street corners. They call it the Fruitbike.dk, a custom-built cargo bike for this specific purpose. Nobody does cargo bike culture like the Danes. But then again, we've been at it for a century or so. For more cargo bike culture...

Send lawyers, bikes and money
It's funny how many people find riding in high heels or in a suit to be such a foreign concept, while it really is as easy as buttering a delicious, thick slice of Danish rye bread. Above, barristers heading home from the City Courts. Below, a smashing chappie on his Raleigh waiting for the light.
Suits Him

A little criss-cross cycle waltz. Cyclist on left rolls easily along the separated bike lane. Cyclist on right negotiates crossing the street. The 'Copenhagen Bike Lane', as illustrated on the left celebrates 25 years this year. Read more over at our Copenhagenize.com blog. Separated bike infrastructure is the flagship for any established bike culture and the goal for any city wishing to increase the number of cyclists in the urban landscape.
Bike Display in Tivoli
A display at a shop in the Tivoli Gardens. They don't sell bikes or anything to do with bikes but the bicycle is such a quintessential symbol of Danishness that it works in every setting.

Our friends the Dutch are planning on building a massive artificial island off the coast in the shape of a tulip. If we choose to do the same here in Denmark, you can bet it would be in the shape of a bicycle. I'd love to see that. A massive granny bike in the sea between Denmark and Sweden.

For the new visitors showing up on the blog today, here's our Cycle Chic All-Stars Selection:
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LP said...

Love the blog. A source of hope and inspiration.

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks very much indeed!

Mex said...

i love love love this blog! that first photo says it all!

i went to the Dreams on Wheels exhibition on saturday to get some inspiration for our Denmark cycling holiday in September. i cant wait! thank you so much for the ideas and the inspiration.

Raiment Urbane said...

I'm in love with all these pictures, I'm (like all the others) in love with your blog.

I've been wanting a bike for a while now but my seeing this have elevated my desire.

Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks Mex! Did you go to the exhibition in Sydney?

Thanks raiment urbane. Get out there and get your dream bike!

Gratistotal said...

oh, fruits in street corner?delicious city!

Anonymous said...

Like many other people, I found this through the Guardian article today - wonderful!

The late Claire Morrissette, heroic bicycle advocate here in Montréal, was very much an advocate of people riding in normal office or other work attire (whatever type of work they do). We do have examples of the made-in-USA phony bicycle racer style (you know, middle-aged office workers in lycra shorts - I'm not referring to actual athletes) but also many examples of cycling chic - whether boho-artistic or sleek and styled - among male and female cyclists of all ages.

vive la vélorution!

Colville-Andersen said...

delicious fruit!

thanks, lagatta. pleased to have you here. check out our friends at Montréal Cykler.

i KNOW Montréal has cycle chic. I wouldn't expect anything less from that fine city!

Anonymous said...

zak, yes, that is lovely!

Claire: http://communities.canada.com/montrealgazette/blogs/ontwowheels/archive/2008/06/23/riding-in-memory-of-claire.aspx

This pic was taken a couple of weeks before her death - she made an effort to look nice but I have much "chic-er" pics of Claire, a strong advocate of urban cycling culture.

At first I went hmm about the emphasis on lovely young women (not that I have anything against them, although I could be their mum) but then noted that you have stylish gentlemen and people of all ages.

Cycling is for all! I know you are taking a stylish way of saying that. Perhaps also pics of tradespersons on bicycles - sometimes they look SO COOL!

I'm not so familiar with Copenhagen - only went there once, briefly, to interpret at a conference - but I spend several weeks a year in Amsterdam, ex aequo cycling capital. I'm glad to see there is an "Amsterdamize" blog alongside the "Copaganize" one.

Colville-Andersen said...

she sounds lovely, this claire.
thanks for sharing this with us.