20 June 2008

Rain and Not

Light Rain
A spot of light rain. Which only seems to bother the chap on the left.
Wagamama Window: Peek-a-boo
Peeking out of the Nihola in a rain shower.
Crossing Paths
Your paths are always crossing in Copenhagen.
Text Check
Checking text messages is almost as important as riding your bike in Copenhagen. Almost.


Unknown said...

Woah! That building in the second to last photo is gorgeous!

Is it just me, or is everybody in Copenhagen completely beautiful?

Colville-Andersen said...

it's a wall mural down the street from here.

oh and it's not just you... :-)

Somanìa said...

agree with krista. I`m married, but if I wouldn`t I would be the first to take a plane to copenhagen and meet a blond beauty girl to get married, whith strong legs to carry my kids on a cargo bike, ja ja. I hope my wife don`t read this.
Saludos desde Argentina.

Barbarosa said...

Greetings from Montreal,

This blog is great. Brings back memories of my too short visit to Kobenhavn. Looking forward to going back for my friend Danish Mike's wedding in 2009!

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks almafuerte. your secret is safe with me [and the couple of thousand people who will read this... :-)]

copenhagen awaits your return from Montréal!

Gratistotal said...

Even with bad weather yout girls never loose the style!

Unknown said...

Just like sycophantic backstabber said this blog is great, in fact this blog is really really great !!! We're hopping, me and my boyfriend, to get married in Amsterdam next year, but to spend our honeymoon in København, our future homeland. By checking these photos, I should get more style before moving !!!

Colville-Andersen said...

sounds lovely, manon. you're welcome anytime in Copenhagen!

twelvedaysold said...

Hey, what's wrong with cowboy hats!! :)