24 June 2008

Handy Dandy

One of the more subtle details of the casualness of Copenhagen bike culture is one that I never noticed until recently.
Elegance on Wheels *
The sight of a cyclist riding with one hand is truly a sign that urban cycling is relaxing and refreshing. You're at ease on the bike lanes, separated from the traffic. Your only concern is maintaining a comfortable momentum on your way to wherever it is you are going.
One Finger Riding*
One finger riding is even better.
No rush.
Welcome Home
No hurry.
Kronan Kool One Hand Orange, Pink and Blue * Pink strings Summerliciousness


Anonymous said...

Recently I got myself sucked into 'helmet' discussions, regarding a 'irresponsible' father (in flip flops) with his kid in 'suicide position' on the handlebars, downtown. I'm glad my opponent hadn't seen photos of handy dandy dads with kid(s) yet, it would've been impossible to try to explain. :-)

Mia said...

This is so lovely, i can´t wait to be another Copenhagen Cycle Chic...

Loved it ;)

Greatings, Mia

Anonymous said...

What an interesting observation! And a detail that I am, of course, immensely jealous of. After another stressful ride to work this morning where drivers don't see me and careen past me with less than 3 feet between us (the law) and people in parked cars fling their doors open with no regard to passing cyclists, I long for a relaxed daily cycle ride. *sigh*

Also, how fabulous are those red gloves in the first photo? Very.

Colville-Andersen said...

Marc: I really try to avoid helmet discussions on this blog... :-) I just usually link to this site

Mia, når du er klar, så er jeg klar. :-)

Jennifer... in a way it's not the motorists fault... they just need to get used to it. the most cyclists on the roads, the better. safety in numbers. and the glove is rather fantastic.

Samuel said...

One hand off the bike! Now that's just being stupid. It's like walking without a cane!

Wilma Flanagan said...

Thanks to this blog, I am now going to work on my bike, which takes about an hour each way. I'm usually just a tiny bit behind schedule, so, I'm afraid I can't be quite that relaxed in my pace... And how do they keep their skirts from flying up in their faces? I ride along the edge of a river, and the wind is always blowing, it seems. So, I change from slacks to a skirt when I get to work.

I do wear a helmet, because it's required by law, except last Sunday, I didn't because I figured there wouldn't be any police looking for law breaking church goers! It felt lovely and free.

I ride a funny looking bike (Townie) and it's fun to watch how many people pass me at a great pace, only for me to pass them again a few minutes later, and never see them again, because I can keep on quite steadily and smoothly and they can't do it on their sporty bikes!

Colville-Andersen said...

That sounds lovely, Wilma. So pleased to hear it.

Back in Bicycle Culture 1.0 around the turn of the last century women sewed ballbearings into their hems to keep them from blowing around... :-9

Copenhagen is windy, too. I often see girls holding the hems of their dresses up on the handlebars. Doesn't quite work with mini-skirts, though. :-)

Anonymous said...

love your writing style