8 May 2008

Springtime Cargo and Supermums and Dads

Three Generations
Mother, mother, child/grandchild. Together in the Copenhagen bike culture.
Enjoying the segregated bike lanes that are the hallmark of any healthy, progressive and safety-oriented bike culture.

Vive les supermums [et superdads] du Copenhague!
Three Shades of Red
This is Copenhagen. An elderly citizen on the right, and a supermum on the left in a Copenhagen springtime cycling outfit: short skirt, smashing red heels and a handbag on the handlebars of the Nihola cargo bike.
Much is said about the supermums of Copenhagen, but the superdads are rather groovy, too. Myself included... :-)
Giraffe transportation.


RH said...

most portuguese mums and dads just take their kids to the shoping mall. from 4 walls to another 4 walls, with small contact with nature, with the sun, with the air, with other people

dianasfaria.com said...

Oh how I envy this Copenhagen lifestyle!

village mama said...

thank you for such a happy & healthy ode to springtime on two wheels!

Anonymous said...

That life style is what I talk about to all my friends and family every time I can, but just a few of them understand the thing. My mum does 3 blocks in car to the bakery!
I live in Patagonia (Argentina)

Michael said...

Oh, I had a Giraffe just like that when I was little. It was almost as tall as me.

Great photo set!

N said...

I really love your blog. Do the photographers spend their day in the city in order to capture these beautiful pictures?

Amsterdamize said...

I really love seeing a fresh batch of Copenhagen cyclechic & others every day! :)

I've shot a few more myself, go search 'mindcaster' on Flickr and you're welcome on my new Amsterdamize blog, amsterdamize.blogspot.com :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the linked "superdad" pic.

Aaron78 said...

@bluefish, we spend a lot of time riding around looking for the best shots, but a lot of the time we get the best results by coincidence, just going about our daily lives. That's what makes Copenhagen so special: its bike culture is just natural.

Amanda said...

Oh! The beautiful bonus of that front-loading cargo shelf is that when a lady, for instance the blonde lady in your photo, rides in a mini, no one can see up it while she pedals! So clever!

Colville-Andersen said...

yes, amanda... those front loaders are a curse! .-)