31 May 2008

Sleek and Chic

She flew along with her baskets, chatting amicably on her hands-free mobile, turning heads the whole way. Elegant heels, short skirt, flowing locks.
Classic Copenhagen.


Amsterdamize said...

beautiful, mesmerizing, quintessential. It gets better and better the nearer we get to the summer. :)

Somanìa said...

lucky guys you are! all women are so pretty, genetic and bikes do the job, Copenhagen is like heaven. I`ll go some day, don`t know when because is very expensive for us 1$ is 5 E.

Arjan said...

Very cool blog! I've been to Copenhagen, nice city, pretty women.
Somehow I keep reading 'chick' instead of chic..but I guess that's due to the time of the year ;)
Loved the part about 'Dutch bikes' (being from the Netherlands). Didn't know the term 'Dutch bike' and also didn't know that the word 'bakfiets' is being used across the globe haha. Do you also know the 'bakbrommer'?

I had a Fongers (over 30 years old) bike a while ago, but it wasn't worth spending repaircosts anymore so I gave it to someone who likes to repair oldies.

Stéphane Brault said...

Beautiful! Thanks!
Girls on bikes are beautiful everywere on the planet, but in Copenhagen... It's dreamland.

Anonymous said...

I admire attractive people and attractive bikes too but tell me, in Copenhagan, do women have to endure endless catcalls, whistles, and rude comments like "Damn, girl, I wish I was that seat!" like we do in a lot of macho, aggressive American cities? :-(

I'm hoping not because women on bikes, and stylish women at that, is not a rare sighting in Copenhagan.

Colville-Andersen said...

thanks for all the comments.

arjan: what's a bakbrommer?

jennifer: no, no cat calls or bother.
the girl above was turning heads, men and women, because she was a head-turner.

Flirtacious looks and smiles are the usual reaction. And they're often returned.

Matt said...

I love your Blog! I think it just made my day. Funny thing, I was just searching for information on Copenhagen before i logged onto my blog. :-)

Arjan said...

a 'bakbrommer' is a bak-moped. So just like the 'bakfiets' but then as a moped.
They're used a lot by students. They're also a stereotype vehicle for 'alternative' people.

Colville-Andersen said...

matt: thanks! feel free to ask anything you like about copenhagen. i often answer queries from people who are going to visit.

arjan: sounds weird. :-)

Amsterdamize said...

@Arjan: bakbrommers are great!

@Zakk: sounds weird? Hahaha, guess what...they race those too in Amsterdam! Have a look!



Arjan said...

that's better than posting a photo haha. Didn't know they races..