24 May 2008

Guest Photo Saturday

Ottawa Cycle Chic
As always, thanks to everyone who sends guest photos in to Copenhagen Cycle Chic. It's wonderful to see images from around the world. We've had a bit of a backlog so we made a little montage du monde.

But first, above, a smashing image of Ottawa Cycle Chic, from Rachelle and her fiancé. Wonderful stuff!

City of Wells Cycle Chic from Nigel
The latest installment in the Copenhagen Cycle Chic Goes Global series. Nigel and his kids slapped a sticker on a lamppost near the Bishop's Palace in the City of Wells - England's smallest city. Thanks, Nigel!

Guest photos may 2008
A bevy of global cycle chic images, in one easy png file! Thanks to everyone!
Vienna Cycle Chic
And a bit of Eurofunkaliciousness from Milo in Vienna to wrap up the proceedings.


WestfieldWanderer said...

Thanks for including my picture from Wells in your blog. Most flattered. For the record the picture credit for this one should go to my daughter, Katie, not me.

Colville-Andersen said...

the pleasure is mine, nigel and katie.

Lisa said...

That last one looks like a vintage folding bike... sweet ride.