12 May 2008

Avant Paris - Cycle Chic Art

Before we embark on La Semaine du Vélib' and our love affair with Parisian bike culture, here's a little aside.
Painting by Janet Karam at Funkytown-art.com
An artist named Janet Karam asked me a while back if she could use one of my photos as a reference for a painting. The result is beautiful and quite stunning and not a little humbling. Art imitating art. What a splendid result. The original photo is below.
Red Light Waiting*

Janet has a Flickr Photostream here and you can see the painting on her website here. It is available for purchase.

Thanks for a wonderful, fruitful collaboration, Janet!


Janet Karam said...

My gratitude to you, my new Copenhagen friend--- you are one awe-inspiring photographer. I love your perspective and captures--- your work stops me again and again. I am so looking forward to collaborating further.

Best Regards,


Raquel said...

What a nice photo!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely bike art.. let's hope we can have some more

Stephanie said...

Oh, that's WONDERFUL! More! More! Brava! Bravo!

Zakkaliciousness said...

the pleasure is mine, janet. looking forward to the next piece de la resistance.